Monday, November 8, 2010

Ramble ramble!

Looks like it's that time again!

"What time?" you ask? Surely none other than the time for you favourite...

Today, in lieu of having anything truly meaningful to write about, I'm going to tell you all about things that you will no doubt have no interest in whatsoever. I must also apologise profusely in advance for both typographical errors and needlessly verbose language. 

So today some new wrist-cuffs I bought arrived (second-hand like pretty much everything else I buy). Here's a picture of them: 

They are Angelic Pretty. They're also a little bit too big for my wrists, but I suppose that's a good thing because then they can fit over long sleeves too. Exciting stuff. I also ordered a Milky Berry one-piece in mint, and a deliciously colourful petticoat. Enough of the purchasing talk though.

Some of you might be wondering who this girl is who writes these blogs. What does she do? Where does she live? Why isn't she doing something more important than writing drunken rambling blogs on a Monday night? Valid questions indeed! I will make a most valiant attempt to answer them all, but please, if you're still curious (god knows why you would be though) after reading all this, leave me some questions in the comments and I'll (probably) answer them.

Firstly, a warning: I am one of those irritating artsy people who have a multitude of hobbies but not a lot to show for it. I'm unemployed and on the dole. A lot of people find this infuriating because they work hard all week so they can afford the things they want, and lucky me, I get paid every fortnight by the government to socialise and buy beautiful clothes. I say this with more than a little sarcasm. Among other things, I'm looking for work as an artist and musician, and struggling with mental illness. I am incredibly grateful to be living in a country where I can survive (albeit with my mum) on the money I'm given. My anxiety is crippling and I don't see myself ever holding down a serious job involving any amount of stress unless something BIG changes. I'm optimistic though, hopefully one day I'll be able to sell my art and make music and make a living from it. If you're curious, here's a picture of one of my paintings in progress:
work in progress.
I have an exhibition coming up at the end of the month and am inexpressibly excited about it. Hopefully this one will be finished by then, along with a few others that I can sell.

As well as that, I put a lot of time and energy into music - I play the recorder (laugh all you like, and then listen to this: I have an exam on Thursday that I'm stressing about enormously. I'm also hoping to start a small chamber ensemble to play for weddings and the like. I think it would be fun!

I also do some cleaning part-time. I can't wear lolita doing that (imagine bleach all over those beautiful prints! *sadface!*), so I wear it as much as I possibly can when I'm not doing that sort of stuff. When I'm not doing any of the aforementioned activities, I love to read and write and learn things. I am an enormous nerd and learning new things about biology and physics and linguistics makes me extremely happy. If you like music and mathematics, and even astronomy, check this out, it will blow your mind: -read the info for more ingeniousness!

Finally, before I bore you all to death - a picture of the love of my life:

He is ironically named Ninja - he has broken more bones than he actually has in his body. Somehow. From jumping off things mostly.

Hope you all tolerated my drunken ramblings (courtesy of Amarula and milk, my new favourite drink, it reminds me of danishes), and you're having a lovely day or evening or whatever time it might be in your vicinity. And please comment letting me know if there's anything you'd like me to write about! If you're not following, I recommend it, I am, in fact, the best blogger out there. *cough*


  1. That' painting is really lovely. And hell yeah recorders are badass instruments. More power to you, my friend.

  2. I Like your painting, and your kitty is cute!

  3. That is a wonderful picture of you and your cat. You both look so soft and cuddly in the picture! :D Extremely content too :)