Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Frills and trills (and an awful play on words)

Under pressure!

So, short post today as I have to get to bed reasonably early - first thing tomorrow I have my eighth grade recorder exam so I need to be fresh and relaxed! Wish me luck, I chose a grade which was much too hard for me! Still, I'm looking forward to it a lot, and it's got me thinking about how much music and lolita go together for me, though the music has always been a part of my life and lolita is relatively new to me.

I'm hoping to start a small ensemble to play baroque and classical music for weddings and other functions - I think it would be cute to wear classic lolita and Victorian style garb and make a real show of it! Unfortunately, it's hard to find people my own age who have a love of baroque music like me, especially someone with a harpsichord or clavichord! I'll probably have to settle for someone who knows how to play harpsichord but has an electric keyboard with a harpsichord sound on it. It doesn't look so good though! :( Ideally I'd like to find a violin, oboe, cello and harpsichord. The sound would be beautiful and we could play trio sonatas and things.

Wow, what a rambling bit of prose that was. Apologies!

Does anyone else feel that classical music is a perfect lolita hobby? The two seem to go hand in hand for me. Let me know if you play an instrument! What came first for you, lolita or playing music? How about lolita and bands? I know a lot of girls love to go to see their favourite bands in lolita - do you do this, or do you leave behind your petticoats and wear sneakers and such for comfort and dancing? If you do go out in lolita to concerts, do you worry about your clothing getting ruined? Do you have 'dirt-friendly' lolita clothing you don't mind getting a bit grubby?

I also love art, and I got chalk pastels all over one of my favourite dresses recently. Luckily it brushed off and you can't tell anymore. It probably helped that the print was dark. Any sad tales of your hobbies getting your lolita ruined?

What are some other hobbies that you consider a nice accompaniment to lolita? Do you embroider, do you paint? Any country lolis who love their veggie patch? As always, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I play the violin, but that was years before getting into Lolita. in retrospect it's probably very fitting with the classical style. I like it a lot too.

    good luck with the recorder!

  2. I'm not very lolita.... I play Guitar xD

  3. Good luck with your exam!
    I have always loved classical music but do not play and instrument. I don't have any loli activities, but I collect insects and you have to go to forests and stuff so maybe we can reach for it to count?

  4. @Carousellian: Violin is beautiful - my mum teaches the violin so I hear it at home a lot!

    @ClaudiaEthos: Rock lolita! XD (Was going to make an awful Rock Lobster joke and then thought better of it).

    @April: Thanks hun, the exam went pretty well, I think I'll pass :) Collecting insects sounds awesome, I wanted to be an entymologist when I was a child (can you tell I was a huge nerd of a seven-year-old?)

  5. That sounds really nice! Good luck!

    I have a friend who used to play in a string quartet for weddings (just a bunch of friends who started their own quartet and gained enough popularity to play for corporate fucntions like Watercorp), if you want a contact or something.


    @April collecting insects in forrests sounds like a very lolita-ish activity! I am picturing a lolita running around a forrest with a butterfly net ^___^

  6. A contact would be great, I really want to get this idea off the ground.

    Wow,mind if i steal that idea and paint it ^_^

  7. My favourite lolita music artist is Kanon Wakeshima she is amazing.

    I love lolita but it is so expensive and I am poor and have bad skin. I am getting a job but even still I wonder if it is unrealistic. I would love to have lolita wardrobe I just think of it now as a goal for the future.

    Love your blog by the way. :)