Monday, November 22, 2010

Experiment time!

So some of you might be aware that there's been a fair bit of drama going around about me spending my welfare money on lolita. So instead of continuing to argue over it I've made a plan which I hope will be both responsible and fun! Until I get a job (which hopefully will be very soon but who knows?), I won't be buying any clothes or unnecessary items. This includes also going out for meals, buying records, et cetera. Instead I am going to focus on really enjoying what I already have and working out new ways to coordinate things. On top of that, I'll start a dream dress list that I will hopefully be able to start accumulating when I have an income.

Anyway, so that's my plan. It got me thinking about expenses though and where other girls prioritise lolita in their lives. So: do you...

  • Spend all your savings on lolita
  • Save up and only buy things occasionally
  • Never buy lolita but love the fashion
  • Balance out your spending on lolita and your other hobbies
  • Something else I haven't thought of

I'm curious, hope those questions made sense, I'm a little scattered at the moment. Too much coffee perhaps!

Love to you all,


  1. When I started working about 4 years ago, I decided I'd maintain a baseline account balance, essentially a rainy day fund. Once I made that baseline I felt free to spend on top of it. There were some times I dipped into it, yes, but I've always kept working with the goal of maintaining that amount (which is just a personal arbitrary sum, but it should theoretically be enough to get you through a rough patch)

  2. I have a part-time, hoping to get a second job. Usually when I have a steady income I separate the money into three things : Savings, Lolita, and Cosplay. I never touch the money in my savings unless an emergency arises. The spare money I have leftover are used for lolita purchases or cosplay materials. So yes, I fund my two hobbies all the while gradually building up what I have in savings.

  3. Unfortunately I am currently jobless and lack any kind of income BUT when I do get a job (which will hopefully be very soon) I'll unfortunately have to put most of it away for savings. But, the good part is what I'm saving for. Next year, hopefully around Christmas, me and a friend of mine are going to California and can you guess where most of my vacation money will be going? >X D

    Of course, I am going to make a small 'spending' pile but it would probably take three or four checks before I could buy a new lolita item simply because most of it HAS to go into saving for the trip. Once I have enough money to cover the roundtrip ticket, the hotels and food I can spend every saved dime on lolita if I so wish to. ; D

  4. I save up and buy things occassionally :)
    I always buy things myself and do not allow anyone else to pay for any of my lolita items - for reasons even I don't really know!
    I'm currently unemployed too but my school exams are nearly over so I'll be on the job hunt soon!

    Good luck with getting a job! I hope everything works out for you <3

  5. I don't really spend money on anything lolita because I'm a guy :o I just enjoy learning more about lolita because I honestly knew nothing about it until I stumbled over your nice blog a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure if there is a guy version, but I would definitely try it out.

    I need to go back and read your earlier posts; I keep feeling like I missed details you bring up in each of your new blog posts! I really like the picture of the dollar tree if you made it btw :)

    I have been having the same money problems with books. I think I spent more money in the past 3 months on books than I have on food or anything else. Lately, I've decided I will only purchase a book not on my "To Buy- Rare and hard to find" list if the book is less than $1. Otherwise I will accumulate too many novels and never have enough time to read them all! I agree with getting priorities straight, especially if you want to feel better about yourself. Buying lots of stuff when the means aren't there or when there is no availability to make use of the purchase, can lead to big troubles. I like to avoid troubles :)

  6. I put a percentage of my paychecks into savings, then allotted another percentage into activities such as going out to movies, eating out, etc. and then a smaller percentage saved up for Lolita specifically. The percentage of savings will change depending on what you are saving for (school!) and how big your paycheck is (I was on-call...)

    It is good to hear that you are actually looking for a job rather than relying completely on welfare :) Hope you can get one soon!

  7. I would like to use my own money to buy lolita but I do not have a job, being sixteen, and my parents won't let me find a job anyway wanting me to focus on my studies. I'm currently relying on my parents and my birthday money. >.<"

    @Dan: There is a kind of boy version: kodona -- not exactly lolita but aristocratic boy style clothing (that's under the lolita umbrella). But aside from that, there are brolitas. :) Men who dress in lolita.

  8. Thanks for all your input everyone, interesting stuff! :D

  9. I save up, but also spend money on pleasure items. I had to save so much for Uni, I would have lost it if I didn't occasionally buy myself a little something.

    Hope you'll get a job soon. =)