Sunday, October 31, 2010


So you're probably wondering what on earth the world needs with yet another lolita blog. It seems every second lolita has one these days and they're filled with a lot of the same stuff, from style tips for the winter, to news on Angelic Pretty's new series, to dealing with internet drama - there can be a lot to digest! And I'm certainly not going to try to claim that those pieces of writing are of no value, not least because I read them from time to time myself. But I think it's time for something fresh and, god forbid, realistic. We are constantly bombarded with these images of perfect life-size dolls living in perfect life-size doll houses, leading perfect lives. It's nice to have ideals, but it can also start to bring a person down. It would be fair to start worrying: why am I not that pretty? Why don't I have a lolita-themed room? Why can't I do everything with the ease and style that these girls seem to have?

Have no fear, you're in the majority! In this blog I'm going to be writing about how we can approach the lolita fashion and lifestyle with something of a more down-to-earth perspective and enjoy making ourselves look and feel pretty and sweet without letting our expectations get out of control. More than anything, it's about learning to love your imperfections. We're not china dolls, and we should be overjoyed for it!

Here is a picture of me:
in a lovely Mew jumper-skirt and the most flattering pose possible...

...and here's another: 
...which actually looks like ME. Big nose, ugly knees, stained t-shirt, and junk in the background. And believe it or not, they're both the same person! 

So I hope you enjoy reading my blog and getting to know me a little - I'm going to try to be as painfully honest as I can because I think it's time people stopped trying to present themselves as 'better' than they are. Thanks for reading!


  1. Your blog sounds interesting. I look forward to posts : ) Good luck with your blog!!

  2. While I don't think other bloggers are as "fake" or "trying to be better" as it seems to imply in this post, I am going to follow you anyway ;) This sounds interesting

    I write a lolita blog myself, and I try to keep it real and about life, not Brand updates. Most other lolita blogs I follow talk about more idealistic views, sure, but it doesn't make them unrealistic to me :/

  3. I am really looking forward to your blog. Takes gumption to tackle something like that, so more power to you.

  4. LOL, I think you're cute either way.
    This seems like a really good idea. I'll definitely keep up with it.

  5. Well, I always like reading Lolita blogs, can't wait to see what you come up with~

  6. Hi^^ Nice to meet you too. I have also started my blog a few days ago so please visit^^

  7. You look cute! I look forward to reading more!

  8. You don`t have a big nose! I, in fact, have always liked your pretty nose. I think you are an incredibly beautiful and cute person o///o;;;

    I know people never think about themselves that way, but it surprises me a little bit that you don`t share my opinion that you are at least attractive enough to be pasted over billboards and magazines.

    I hope this is less creepy and more complimentary, as comments go... It is at least sincere.

  9. Aww you made me blush! If it is creepy, it's a most kind and friendly kind of creepy. That is, not creepy, I guess. I guess when you see yourself all day every day for your whole life, you're pretty aware of your less appealing features! My nose has always bothered me, so I'm equally amazed that you don't think it's big and ugly!